Myths Associated With Plumbing


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Common Myths About Orlando Plumbing

Some Common Myths Associated With Plumbing

It is completely untrue that the toilet bowls in the southern hemisphere flush in the opposite direction. Fortunately, believing this will not impact your household plumbing or require assistance from an Orlando plumber. Some common myths will result in added maintenance costs, so make sure you are well informed and prepared to avoid these common plumbing myths.

My Water Heater is Exploding

When your water heater suddenly starts up with an unsettling rumbling and popping sound, your first reaction may be to rush out of the house before the entire thing blows sky high. Do not be alarmed. Your noisy water heater is reacting to sediment that collects and settles at the bottom of the tank. The heater igniting will start a chemical reaction marked by a distinctive bang and pop.

Exploding water heaters are an actual recorded event, but these are caused by gas leaks that become ignited. There is no need to take to the streets unless you actually do smell gas. Call your preferred plumber in Orlando if your water heater is working poorly, but rest assured that there is probably no impending disaster.         

Orlando Plumbing is Sometimes Leaky, No Big Deal

Pipe leaks and dripping faucets seem like a minor inconvenience, but over time even a slow leak can waste thousands of gallons of water in a single year. Your water bill may be slowly rising as you tolerate the puddles forming under the sink. Fortunately, most leaks are easily and quickly fixed. Whether you choose to handle a simple repair yourself or hire an Orlando plumber, it is a good idea to fix the  problem immediately before it becomes costly.  

Lemon Peels Help My Garbage Disposal

Some well-meaning  homeowners drop lemon peels down the garbage disposal to enjoy the pleasant citrus scent that fills the sink. Unfortunately, lemon peels will shred and become clogged around disposal blades. The same is true of potato skins and coffee grounds that will seriously damage Orlando plumbing in your home. Remember that your garbage disposal, while useful, is not cut out to handle anything and everything you toss down the drain.

Instead  of lemons, pour a little vinegar down the drain to wash away unpleasant odors. Ice cubes will also help clean the blades of anything hindering the performance of your garbage disposal. If an unusual odor persists from the drain, you may want to seek advice from a trusted plumber in Orlando to be sure it is not a sign of something worse.   

This Orlando Plumbing Myth Is Actual True!

There is one common myth for Florida residents that actually is true. Snakes can, will, and have climbed up through Orlando plumbing and appeared in people’s toilet bowls. The same is true of frogs, rats, and even the occasional squirrel. Many of the pipes in your house are only ever full of running water when the toilet flushes, making the piping system totally navigable to any of small invaders. Animal control will quickly dispose of any uninvited guests, and any experienced  Orlando plumber can install mesh blocks to keep them out.