Do it Yourself Plumbing Tips

DIY Orlando Plumbing Tips

Plumbing issues can arise at any time.  When they occur, a lot of people are ignorant of what to do.  Even though the best thing to do is to call a professional Orlando Emergency Plumber to help fix the issue.  However, you can still carry out some simple tasks while waiting for your Orlando Plumber to arrive.

A1 Service Plumbing is your go-to Orlando Plumbing Contractor and is bringing you some simple DIY plumbing tips that can help you fix your plumbing problems on your own.

Unclogging a Toilet

Has your toilet ever become blocked and it is refusing to flush?  When this occurs, the first thing to do is use a plunger.  The plunger will help loosen up the foreign object that is responsible for the clogged toilet.  By applying pressure repeatedly, you can unclog your blocked toilet.  If that doesn’t work call an Orlando Plumber.

Weak Water Pressure

Having weak or low water pressure in your shower can be inconvenient.  To fix this, unscrew the showerhead.  Place it in a bowl of white vinegar and let it soak for a couple hours.  Remove shower head from the bowl and screw it back on.  Make sure to run water through it before use.  

Unclog a Sink Drain

Food particles, fats, etc. that go through your sink into your drains can get the drain blocked.  Before you know it, water becomes backed up in the sink, unable to flow.  A temporary fix is to mix vinegar and baking soda.  This will help in breaking down the food particles clogging the drain.  However, remember that this is only a temporary solution.  Ensure that you call on your Orlando Plumbing expert to inspect and clean the drain thoroughly.

Remove Hard Objects

Hard objects, when they enter your drain pipes, they obstruct the flow of water.  A plunger may not be able to remove these hard objects.  In fact, they may even push the object deeper.  This will only worsen the situation.  Instead, a shop vacuum can be used to get rid of the object.  This will help suck out both the obstruction and the water stuck in-between the drain pipes.

Water Shut Off Switch

When the worst should happen, and your sink or toilet starts to leak or overflow, the water shut off switch may be the lifesaver.  Once you notice any large leaks, turn the main water switch off.  This will help minimize spills and prevent everywhere from getting messy.

There you have it!  The above are a couple of tips that can help you solve your minor plumbing issue on your own.  Nevertheless, ensure that you call on your local Orlando plumbing expert to help check out the problem and provide a permanent fix.  Call us today at A1 Service Plumbing.  Our qualified team of Orlando Emergency Plumbers are always ready to provide an effective and permanent solution to your plumbing problems.