Pros And Cons Of A Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater Orlando

There are multiple reasons to consider talking to your preferred Orlando plumber about the installation of a tankless water heater. Alongside the average home owner’s desire to save on household utility costs is a growing interest in overall efficiency and environmental preservation. Many people are even further motivated by the incentive of a Federal tax rebate offered to homeowners who update their property with more efficient appliances. If you think you may benefit from treating your Orlando plumbing with a new tankless water heater, consider these possible factors.

The Pros:

Have Hot Water When You Need It

Unlike a traditional water heater that needs time to heat up after use, a tankless water heater begins running the moment you turn the faucet. The result is Orlando plumbing with immediate hot water that never runs out. No more rushing to be the first to the shower in the morning.   

It Only Runs When You Need It

Standard water heaters are constantly running, but the tankless alternative only runs while in use. This feature is the key component that delivers the savings and efficiency homeowners enjoy.

The Result:

  • Less waste energy from constant running
  • Less wasted water waiting for a running tap to heat
  • An average 20 percent savings on utility bills
  • Electric heaters emit no greenhouse gasses
  • Safer with no hot tank or open pilot light

More Convenience and Less Worry

Tankless water heaters last 10 to 20 years longer than traditional water heaters that are typically only warranted by an Orlando plumber for 6 years. Because the units are smaller, they can be conveniently installed on a wall instead of taking up space in your house. Also, no oversized tank means no risk of flooding or leaks.

The Cons:

The Initial Cost is High

Tankless water heaters are 3 times more expensive than their counterparts. They can ultimately pay for themselves in savings, but it will take a few years for the savings to accumulate. 

You May Pay Extra From the Start

Not all homes, especially older designs, are equipped for installation.  You may have to pay the added cost of an additional gas line, further adding to already expensive initial costs. If you install an electric one, you may have to hire an electrician, in addition to an Orlando plumber, to completely rewire the house and install an additional circuit.

You May Require Water Softening

Hard water is a common problem to Orlando plumbing. If your house is running hard water, the heavy mineral deposits are extremely damaging to a tankless water heater. This means you will have to pay the additional cost of installing a water softener alongside your heater.

Maintenance Is More Crucial

A tankless water heater requires annual maintenance in order to maintain efficiency. Furthermore, the electronic control panels are somewhat confusing, and you may need assistance from a qualified plumber in Orlando to reconfigure settings for the winter.

Overall, tankless water heaters are more efficient and convenient for space and time. However, depending on your situation, the initial costs might not be worth the savings. Consult with a reliable plumber in Orlando for a more accurate analysis.