Common Residential Plumbing Issues

Most Common Issues with Residential Plumbing Systems

The average American calls a professional plumber to their house once every three years. Does this number sound high or low for you? If you are wondering if you can save yourself the cost of a few visits, here are the most common plumbing problems for homeowners and how to handle them.

The Drippy Faucet

The water flow that starts and stops when you turn the faucet is held back with rubber washers or ceramic discs that seal the pipe shut until you are ready to use it. It is common over time for these washers to harden and require replacement. Many people tend to ignore these subtle drips, unaware that every drop is another unnecessary cent on your water bill. Fortunately, this repair is quite easy. Whether you take a trip to the hardware store yourself or call for the help of a trusty Orlando plumber, the service will be a breeze and well worth the savings.

The Leaky Pipe

Due to the presence of growing stains and tepid pools of unwanted water, most people tend to move faster towards fixing leaks than that pricey dripping faucet. Unfortunately, the wrong choice of remedy could prove more costly than intended. Most pipes leak at the joints where age and general wear have caused misshapen connectors and allowed water to leak through. Joint fillers are available at any local hardware store, but may only provide a temporary fix. Do not be afraid to consult professional Orlando plumbing if the problem persists. It may be a sign of a more serious repair need.

The Dopey Drain

Clogged or slow drains are an inevitable part of any household. Hair especially, and other dirt will slowly block the drains over time and require removal. Fortunately, most clogs are easy to remedy with plunging or drain cleaner or a drain snake. Simple fixes for opening up the drains yourself do not require a lot of technical skill, but if the job just seems too messy do not hesitate to call in a professional.

The Flushy Flapper

Are you constantly jiggling the handle of the toilet to silence that constant water running noise? It may seem like only a minor inconvenience, but a running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day, adding a major chunk to your water bill. In the best cases, this can be an easy do it yourself fix. Check under the tank to see if the chain or the stopper are properly connected or need replacement. An easy determining test is to place a few drops of food coloring in the tank, then check the bowl for color. If a little is leaking through, you have a leak in your tank that needs immediate attention. Have an Orlando plumber check things out before your water bill gets worse. 

The Trickly Tap

If you are suddenly disappointed by a sad trickle of water when you turn the faucet, something in your pipes is causing low water pressure. If you are lucky, it is only a little-clogged debris in the aerator which can be quickly unscrewed, cleaned, and replaced.   However, low water pressure can sometimes be a sign of damaged pipes. Years of mineral-laden hard water leaves increasingly large deposits inside pipes that eventually interrupt the flow. Repiping your house is thoroughly effective, but can be costly if you are unprepared. Use a water softener in advance to increase the lifespan of your pipes.

The Choppy Chopper

Your garbage disposal can become lodged on any number of foreign contaminants, especially if you get a little reckless with the Thanksgiving dishes. When difficult foods like potato skins are stopping the blades, use an Allen key to manually open the blades underneath. However, if a piece of metal or hard debris causes one of the blades to bend or break, you will need the help of a professional Orlando plumber to fix the pieces. A smart preventative is to keep a drain cover over the sink and scrape unfinished food into the trash before carelessly dropping plates in the sink. A little caution can easily spare you the expense of repair. 

The Nippy Shower

With yearly maintenance, your water heater should live about 8 to 12 years. Eventually, though, it is likely you will hop in the shower one morning and experience an unexpected chill. It is strongly discouraged to attempt working on a water heater without a trained professional. Most water heaters use a gas line, making it extremely dangerous. Call your favorite professional plumber in Orlando and discuss options for having a newer model installed. Newer models tend to be more efficient and save on energy costs, anyway, and will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.