When Should You Repipe Your Home?

Orlando Plumbing Sometimes Requires Repiping

Sometimes the plumbing problem in a home demands more than a simple repair. Repiping your entire house may seem like a major expense, but pipes can suffer from long term wear and tear that eventually costs you more money than any repiping project will. If your water has become unmanageable, with constant leaking, inadequate flow, and unpleasant discoloration and taste, it may be time to consider all new pipes. Constant plumbing problems may be a sign of the overall poor condition of your pipes. Here are some important factors to consider if you are getting exasperated with frequent calls to your Orlando plumber.

Pipes Age, Warp, and Burst 

Especially in older houses, your pipework may have been made with inferior materials. Galvanized metal and copper piping that was commonly used by Orlando plumbers in previous years are prone to cracking over time. Polybutylene pipes once considered the best material on the market, turned out to be ones that quickly deteriorated and required replacing. Metals shrink and expand as temperatures rise and fall, causing joints to become dislodged and cracks to develop. Eventually, the occasional leak will grow into several, and at the worst possible time, the pipe will burst completely.

Modern pipes are made from a more resilient material, less prone to deterioration over the years. Using the first opportunity to replace out of date Orlando plumbing with higher quality materials can save untold amounts in time and money. A burst pipe and the extensive water damage that can follow is a costly repair. If your home is more than a few years old, have a professional inspect the condition of your pipes.

A Minor Problem or a Major Expense?

Slow leaks in your piping can contribute to a steadily rising water bill. What seems minor at first can eventually become thousands of dollars in wasted water every year. Homeowners that make the decision for professional repiping are often immediately pleased by the noticeable savings of efficiently running Orlando plumbing.

Water damage in your walls and under your sink are just as costly and detrimental as the damaged pipes. Slowly accumulating stagnant water will grow moldy and cause deterioration. You can spend months on constant repairs, temporary fixes, and upkeep while new leaks continue to appear, or have a qualified Orlando plumber completely renovate the problem. Those constant leaks and drips are probably already costing you more than repiping and will only get worse over time.

Safer Drinking with Better Orlando Plumbing

Sludge and dirt commonly accumulate in pipes over time, causing clogs and other difficulties. Mineral deposits from hard water are not only hard on pipes but also taint a water supply, potentially making it unpleasant for drinking. Discoloration and a low water pressure will make bathing and cleaning an increasingly arduous task.

Clogs and water treatment are available in multiple remedies but, like leaks can become a constant and costly burden. Why spend the added expense on water treatment if damaged pipes will quickly undo much of the effect? Any knowledgeable plumber in Orlando will check for faulty pipes to ensure clean, safe drinking water.

Long Term Reassurance

We use flow guard flex piping with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as our personal 10-year warranty on all labor. You should never be  forced to cope with an exasperating problem, throwing endless amounts of money on countless repairs when a full extensive fix from a dependable Orlando plumber can fix the problem for good. Leaks, clogs, and damaged pipes occur for a number of reasons, but if maintenance seems like an ongoing battle in your home it may be time to check on the condition of your pipes.