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How to Save on Your Water Heating Bill in Apopka

After becoming homeowners, many are surprised to learn that water heating takes a significant amount of energy and money when not used efficiently. Are you looking for new solutions to save on you next bill?

At A1 Plumbing Service in Apopka, our expert technicians have shared their best ways to get started on savings. Here are the top ways to lower your water heating bill in the Apopka area and save more energy in your home.

Steps towards savings

Fix costly water leaks. A steady leak of water may seem small, but adds up quickly in terms of water usage. This means gallons of water you might be wasting every week. These leaks not only add to your overall water bill, but they may be a sign that something is wrong with your pipes. Consider calling in a professional in your area to take a closer look if this is the case.

Turn down the temperature of your water heater. Even if you turned down the temperature by a simple five to ten degrees, you can save a small percentage of your heat costs. You can also use a timer for your water heater, which is easily found at a hardware store. Find one that works with your make and model at a hardware store. This allows the heater to work at specific times during the day. You can even turn it off at night.

For laundry, use cold water. Most hot water usage goes straight for laundry use, so consider using cold water for your household. Did you know that cold water is actually less likely to shrink or damage your clothes than hot water? Delicates also do best in cold water. For even more savings, you can also try upgrading to an energy efficient washing machine and dryer.

Install low-flow fixtures and shower heads. Get into the practice of simply using less hot water. By installing low-flow water fixtures, you can reduce hot water consumption by quite a lot. While you’re at it, you can also tell family members to reduce the amount of time it takes to shower by just a few minutes. You will be surprised at how much you save!

Insulate your water heater. Even water heaters and pipes are able to lose heat in colder temperatures. Insulation will help keep them working to full efficiency.

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