Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

When you use home appliances such as the toilet, dishwasher, or washing machine in Orlando, the water travels from your pipes into the sewer system. This also means that any other items you flush are also headed there. 

A1 Service Plumbing is one of the most trusted names in Orlando plumbing and emergency plumbing repairs. When you flush or pour out materials that aren’t meant for the drain, it is a potential danger to your home and the environment. It could cause a clog or backup in your drainage system, which could end up costing you in the long run. 

At first glance, some items seem okay to flush. For example, baby wipes are very frequently flushed down the toilet. Even if the brand says “flushable” on the label, in reality, they don’t break down the same way toilet paper does. Instead, you should throw baby wipes away in a trash bin after use. 

Below you will find a list of other top items you should never flush down the toilet. 

Non-Flushable Materials 

  • Paper Products: As we mentioned, toilet paper breaks down easily in water. But this is not true of all paper products. Napkins, paper towels, or even tissues were not designed for flushing. Once wet, they easily accumulate and create a blockage.
  • Cotton, or Feminine Hygiene Products: It might be convenient to flush these items, but cotton and cotton-based items like sanitary pads and tampons are very problematic for your pipes. This is because cotton is a material that does not break down in water. 
  • Prescription Pills or Medication: Flushing pills down the drain may seem like a great idea since they do dissolve in water. However, it is not recommended to pills or any type of medication down the toilet. They could potentially be toxic to the environment. 
  • Dental Floss: Floss can be made with nylon, Teflon, and wax, all of which are not biodegradable. These can easily get stuck to the inside of your pipes, causing buildup and debris. Floss can also cause serious damage to the environment as well. 
  • Miscellaneous Items: You’d be surprised to learn what people try to flush down the toilet. This includes food waste such as coffee grounds or egg shells, or other items like Q-tips, cigarette butts, and gum. It’s best to leave these for the trash bin. 

Keeping Your Orlando Plumbing Clear 

The toilet was designed only for human waste and toilet paper. When you use it for any other purpose, you risk damaging your plumbing beyond repair. While your toilet may not get clogged right away, blockages build up over time. This causes other problems such as leaks and backups. Instead, avoid expensive plumbing issues and increase the longevity of your pipes. You can do this by simply by keeping waste out of your toilet. 

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